The Night the Moon Broke His Nose

Toby loved the moon.

He and his mum had just moved to a new town and he missed all his old friends a lot.

On the first night in his new room, Toby woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Quietly, he crept out of bed and pulled back the corner of his bedroom curtain.

To his amazement, the moon that used to live in the sky above his old house hundreds of miles away, had followed him all the way here!

After that night, whenever he couldn’t sleep, he peeled back the curtains to look at the moon. It made him feel happy just seeing it shining back at him, looking exactly the same as it always did in his old town.

But one night something terrible happened.

Toby was standing at his window watching the moon, when suddenly a cloud crashed into it.

The moon completely disappeared, and Toby was sure it had been knocked right out of the sky.

The whole of the next day he was worried about the moon. It was such a relief when evening came, and he saw it was still in the sky.

But he noticed something very strange. The moon’s head wasn’t as round as normal. It was like he was wearing a big bandage over his face.

Toby looked more closely at the moon for a few moments and then he suddenly understood what had happened.

When the cloud crashed into the moon the other night, the moon broke his nose!

Toby knew he had to do something to help the moon, but what?

He couldn’t ask his mum because she was so busy all the time. He would have to get help from some of the boys in his new school.

Over lunch the next day, Toby plucked up his courage and told Jack, Danny and Elliot what had happened to the moon. All three boys wanted to help.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Elliot. “Next week my family is travelling to France on a plane. We’ll be flying at night when the moon is out. If we can build a new nose in time, I’ll take it on the plane and give it to the moon as we go past.”

“That’s a great idea!” said Danny. “Let’s collect everything we need to build the moon a nose and meet at Elliot’s house on Thursday to put it all together!”

Over the next few days, the boys collected everything they could – cereal boxes, egg cartons, tin cans, a couple of balloons and lots of yellow paint.

On Thursday afternoon, they gathered together at Elliot’s house and set about building the nose. They cut, and they glued, and they sewed, and they painted, and they built the most fabulous nose you could ever imagine.

The nose was bigger than all four boys put together.

Toby, Jack and Elliot were still talking about the nose when they got to school the next day.

“I hope they let you take it on the plane,” said Toby. “Of course they will,” said Elliot. “Once I explain to them what it is, everyone will see how important it is.”

Suddenly Danny came rushing through the school gate.

“Great news!” he shouted. “The moon hasn’t broken his nose at all.”

“What?!” said Toby

“My dad has this special tool called a telescope that you can look through and see the moon and stars up close,” answered Danny. “The moon is amazing! It’s covered in massive holes called craters.”

“So, if the moon hasn’t broken his nose,” said Elliot, “why is he wearing a bandage over his face?”

“It’s not a bandage,” said Danny. “Every month the moon moves round in a big circle in the sky. We can only see the bit of the moon that’s in the right position for the sun to shine on it.”

No one said anything for a few moments.

Then Danny carried on. “My dad says I can bring the telescope to Toby’s house tonight and we can all look at the moon and stars together!”

Toby was so excited. He had always wanted to see the moon up close. But he was a bit worried too.

“My mum’s been so stressed since we moved home,” he said. “She doesn’t like it if I make too much noise in the evenings. We’ll have to all be very quiet.”

“That’s ok,” said Jack. “We won’t be noisy.”

That night, all four boys gathered together in Toby’s room. Danny set up the telescope and everyone had a turn looking into space.

It was more beautiful than Toby had ever imagined. He could see the moon with its funny craters that looked like ripples in a lake. He could see another planet with a ring all the way around it. He could see thousands of stars twinkling in the night sky.

“This is awesome,” he grinned from ear to ear.

Without any of the boys even noticing, Toby’s mum crept into the room.

“Do you mind if I join you?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, mum” said Toby. “Are we being too loud?”

“Not at all,” his mum replied. “I’ve just never looked through a telescope before and I’ve always wanted to. Can I?”

She moved the telescope up to her eyes and then she laughed. “I can see all the stars! It’s spectacular!”

When she finally moved the telescope away, she put her arm round Toby. “Thank you, Toby” she said. “I’ve been so busy these last few months I haven’t had time to sit and watch the moon. This is so special!”

Toby felt happiness right at the bottom of his stomach. He looked around the room at his three new best friends and his mum all together having the best time. And it was all thanks to the moon.

“You know,” said Elliot, “now we know the moon is ok, I don’t need to take the nose with me on the plane.”

“That’s probably a good thing,” he continued, under his breath, “I’m not sure they would have let me take it on board anyway.”

“I know what we can do!” said Danny. “We can leave the nose outside in Toby’s garden and if the moon wants it, he can reach down and get it.”

So that’s what they did. Elliot brought the nose round to Toby’s house and they put it in an open corner of the garden where the moon could see it.

The next morning when Toby went to check the nose, he was amazed to find it had gone!

“Maybe someone climbed over the garden fence and took it,” suggested Toby’s mum.

Toby looked at the fence that was three times as high as him. It didn’t seem likely.

That night, Toby, Danny, Jack, Elliot and Toby’s mum gathered together in Toby’s room with the telescope.

Toby took the first peek. Then all the others had a look. It was hard to see clearly, but it certainly looked like there was a new growth on the front of the moon’s face. It seemed to be the same shape as the nose they had made. And there could be no doubt that, compared to the rest of the moon, this new shape was much much more yellow!